Are You a Computer Programmer?

Ars Technica published excerpts today from Stack Exchange on the subject of what it takes to be a good programmer:   An old adage that many programmers stick to is “It takes a certain type of mind to learn programming, and not everyone can do it.” Now I’m sure that we all have our own […]

SOPA threatens DNS and HTTP, not Free Speech

SOPA, and the recent domain name seizures, makes me concerned for the domain system. Really DNS is nothing more than an open agreement, and if it stops resolving what people are looking for, alternate schemes will rise. It’s surprising DNS has lasted so long, given that there’s no real authority behind the DNS roots, no […]

Organizing the Pieces

I find myself writing bits of stories, poems, or even song lyrics in odd places. Sometimes an idea shows up and demands that it be written down while I’m eating, or in a meeting, or waiting for the bus, or on a telephone conference. Consequently, scraps show up on my desk as precious bits of […]

User Friendly

When a computer system, hardware or software, is easy to use and doesn’t cause us too much trouble, we say that it is user friendly.  The very existence of this term troubles me greatly. Somehow we’ve decided that technology is hard, computers are difficult, and powerful software is tricky to use.  This has progressed to […]